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EADTU’s annual Conference 2014

The Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 2014 “New Technologies and the future of Teaching and Learning” 23-24 October, Krakow EADTU’s annual Conference 2014 is hosted by AGH University of Science and Technology.  

European MOOC platform

OpenupEd is the first MOOCs initiative which goes Europe-wide, with the support of the European Commission. This MOOC initiative has been named OpenupEd and refers indirectly to the new European program Opening up Education launched on 25 September 2013.

Storyboarding ideas

Entrepreneur Job Gebbia, shares how his team grew their idea, Airbnb, into a national startup the hard way: by staying lean, “doing things that don’t scale” like meeting users one at a time, and by taking one small step at a time.  

Osterwalder canvas

Build better Business Models The Business Model Toolbox combines the speed of a napkin sketch with the smarts of a spreadsheet. It enables you to map, test, and iterate your business ideas – fast.


Explore how to identify and develop great ideas into great companies. Learn how to identify opportunities based on real customer needs. Develop solid business models. Create successful companies.