APP – FLITE CDD Assistant

“FLITE CDD Assistant” an APP that served the consortium for the creation of the distributed set-up for the ConCurrent Design process used for the preparation and execution of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation MOOC that we conducted both on the OpenPlatform and the Canvas Network.  



The FLITE team says hello to the students from the Course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (Pilot 2)

Pilot 2 Course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” – 18 May to 6 July 2015

The Course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”began on the 18th of May, with around 1504 students enrolled from Europe, but not only. Now, for the next 8 weeks, the students are supposed to work in teams, using a methodology called CCD – ConCurrent Design, which is based in collaborative processes, to produce a business plan using the […]

ICEIRD 2015 – 18th & 19th June

Dissemination paper regarding the development of the course and the small pilot run at the ICEIRD 2015 (8th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development) - 18th & 19th June at Inox Dine in The University of Sheffield Student’s Union, by Demosthenes Stamatis from  ATEI.  


Pilot 2 Course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” – 11 May to 6 July 2015

Learn about entrepreneurship in 50 hours over an 8 week period. Working in teams, learners will produce a business plan to form a startup company using the Osterwalder Canvas and a methodology called Concurrent Design, that is based in collaborative processes. The pedagogical idea is based on SSDL – Staged Self Directed Learning and PLN […]

Pilot 1 Course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Between November 2014 and February 2015 The course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” with a duration of 8 weeks of work with a minimum of 50 hours of student work, has been tested in is version Pilot 1. The pedagogical idea was based on SSDL – Staged Self Directed Learning and PLN – Personal Learning Network is encouraged. […]