3rd Project Meeting – Lisbon – 6-7 October

During the third meeting in Lisbon, organized by the Portuguese partner CENFIM, the issues addressed in the working session were: Focusing the students view of the pilot course in the following items: Introduction Entrepreneurship Osterwalder CCD Valorisation and Exploitation of the results of the project The mobile App Administrative matters, such as the interim report […]


Conference “”Entrepreneurship in a new Training context” organized by CENFIM and FLITE consortium,  in Lisbon 7th October 2014.   FLITE Project Presentation - Börje Hansson – MiUn Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Lachlan MacKinnon – UoG CCD Process - Knut Arne Strand – HiST Business Model Generation / Model You - Mariano Cecowski – XLAB Online Education – State of Art - Anne Fox Pilot Course 1 / Pilot […]


Organized by XLAB and the FLITE partnership, to boost the entrepreneurial thinking and to transfer knowledge between Higher Education Graduates and Industry. During the Open Seminar, held at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, the main methods used to outline the business plan, how to handle the decision making process and other objectives […]


2nd Project Meeting – Ljubljana – 14-15 May

Since October 2013, in the FLITE Project, we’ve been working on a design document, using the rapid development process of ConCurrent Design (CCD) to design an online course aimed at those in the IT industry or studying IT at HE level. This document can now be used by the course materials team to prepare the […]

1st Project Meeting – London – Nov 2013

 Project Outlines and Contents  Project kick -off meeting, with the main objective to knowing the partnership, detailing the  objectives and strategies of the project and establish responsabilities and timelines.   Methods and training Presentation of CCD Presentation of Osterwalder + personal YOU