TISIP has taken part in 13 EU projects, i.e. in Interreg, Minerva, the eLearning Programme and Leonardo. TISIP have been coordinator for two projects, called EuroCompetence and QUIS. In addition to project management our work have mainly been involved with technology for learning, virtual campuses and networked organizations and quality in eLearning and Business models for eLearning. TISIP has for ten years acted as a service provider for invoicing, enrolment and examination etc for four HEI in Norway with more than 10 000 enrolments each year.

Recently we have developed the Concurrent eLearning design (CCeD) method in Collaboration with Sør-Trøndelag University College and NTNU. CCeD is a special adapted solution, using Concurrent design for the development of eLearning solutions, both for industry and for subjects in HEI’s. We have developed and run a course on Sale and Service Management with 6 ECTS for five Norwegian companies where Telenor was the main user. More than 80 participants enrolled in the course Nationwide with good results.

Role in the Project
In WP1, Adaptation of CCD, TISIP will lead the work of making a template and process descriptions for using CCD, adapted to business planning. In the Adaption phase we need to decide how to organize the CCD work into different sessions, normally 3 – 5. We need to define the different professional areas that are involved. (In the business plan case we probably need to involve management, product or service expertise, ICT support, Customers and experts on economy.) What type of documents will be produced as a result of the CCD sessions? And how will the technical setup be, when we can use two CCD rooms together with several workstations all over Europe. And at last, what type of software is needed to be able to work across the network, for instance Adobe Connect or similar tools, Google Docs or Mindmaps or similar cloud based tools, in addition to specific expert tools. This task will involve all the partners since they will use the framework in the work ahead.

TISIP has a long reputation for running EU projects, either as a coordinator or as a Partner. In this project MIUN will take the role as coordinator. However TISIP will act as project administrator, i.e. taking care much of the administrative work related to, Partner contracts, accounting, project quality assurance, making IPR agreements and support the production of the Interim and final report.

Our operational capacity for running this project is as follows:

  • TISIP manager has more than 20 years of experience with running EU projects He has developed administrative and business solutions for virtual universities, worked with QAS systems, technology for eLearning and digital testing.
  • TISIP business developer has 10 years experience with development of business models and he has also been project coordinator of the CCeD project
  • TISIP senior consultant has also taken part in the development of the CCeD model and also in running the Sale and Service course for industry
  • TISIP economical secretary has been responsible for economical follow up and reporting for five EU projects or more.

Partner Details

Contact: Thorleif Hjeltnes
Email: thorleif@tisip.no
Webpage: http://tisip.no/public/