Its main areas of experience are Distributed systems, particularly in Grid and Cloud computing. Additionally the company works in the fields of Computer vision, Computer visualization, and Artificial intelligence. XLAB has participated (or are participating) in four FP5 and FP6, seven FP7 and around twelve national research projects. The most important projects today are: SLA@SOI, XtreemOS, Contrail, Pandora, Odyssey, mOSAIC+ and CloudScale (FP7 projects, mostly IPs, some already finished) in distributed systems, security and visualisation.

The company has participated also in several Leonardo da Vinci projects, namely D-FACTO (design for emotion), Pandora (risk management in SMEs),
Creatin (creativity within the business processes), Connessione (Work-life balance), TrainOS (training materials for OSS) and U-COACH (coaching in teams), which received the “Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (TOI) 2012″ from the National Agency for quality, good evaluation for the experts and the final results.

Role in the Project
XLAB as an Industry partner will be invaluable throughout the whole project. XLABs already well developed cooperation with universities and training plus our eLearning experience contributes with positive experience.

XLAB will coordinate the Exploitation WP8 (App) where our excellent programming skills, together with our previous experience of software projects guarantee a high quality product.

Partner Details

Contact: Mariano Cecowski
Email: mariano.cecowski@xlab.si
Webpage: http://www.xlab.si