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The business participates in European projects contributing expertise in the areas of language teaching, e-learning and intercultural training. Anne Fox also has ten years experience of different aspects of project management to draw on in her previous employment including proposal writing, coordination, internal evaluation and external quality assessment. Currently the business is a project partner in the Understand IT Leonardo project leading the evaluation work package. Anne Fox is also a partner in the Uni-Key Erasmus project developing online entrepreneurial training for foreign interns and facilitating valorisation activities by the interns. This will inform the business planning element of this new project as well as providing opportunities for dissemination.

The business also co-produces the Absolutely Intercultural podcast which garnered the European Podcast Award for Denmark in 2010. The podcast reaches a worldwide audience and will serve as a dissemination vehicle for some of the project’s activities.

Role in the project
The primary role of the organisation would be as leader of the webinar and quality management work packages. The business is a one person business and thus all contributions to the project from this organisation will be carried out by Anne Fox.

Anne Fox was external quality consultant to the LIPs Leonardo project (2004-2006) and is now the work package leader for the evaluation work package in the currently running Understand IT Leonardo project. In addition Anne Fox has experience of ensuring project quality having worked as project coordinator in two previous Leonardo projects and one Nordic project. In the Understand IT project Anne Fox produced a quality management plan within a month of the kick-off meeting which incorporated the plans of all other project leaders and quality assessment has been integrated into all activities of the project starting with the kick-off meeting using focus group meetings and Likert scale questionnaires amongst other tools.

The organisation was made a partner in the Leonardo project UnderstandIT in which it has satisfied all administrative requirements to date. The business operates a designated business bank account and keeps accounts in which project monies are clearly distinguished from other income and expenditure. It is registered as a business in Denmark and its accounts are subject to scrutiny by the Danish tax authorities.

Partner Details

Contact: Anne Fox

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