CENFIM – Vocational Training Centre for the Metallurgy and Metalworking Industry was created in January 1985 in Portugal, under an agreement between the IEFP – Employment and Training Institute, AIMMAP- Association of Metallurgical, Metalworking and Related Industries and ANEMM – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies.

CENFIM is a non-profit organization at national level with 13 regional training Centres covering the whole country.

CENFIM is running training courses for Apprentices and Workers in technical and management areas for metallurgical and electromechanical Companies and on conventional and controlled numerical machines (CNC). In 2011 there were 11.191 trainees, which attended 869 training courses with a total of 180.710 hours of training.

CENFIM is certified since 1998 by APCER – Portuguese Association for Certification with the Portuguese Quality System, NP EN ISO 9001, NP ISO 14001 and NP ISO 18001 Standards and Accredited by DGERT- General Employment and Work Relations Office.
Since 1989 CENFIM as coordinator and as Partner has participated in Projects co-financed by different European Community Programmes such as Petra, Force, Euroform, Now, ADAPT, Youthstart, Connect, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates and EQUAL, Lifelong Learning Programme – Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci. In this last program (LdV), since 1999 CENFIM, has participated in 58 projects. Among these, CENFIM was a partner in the ‘UnderstandIT Project’ which provides a good working knowledge in the Concurrent Design (CCD) methodology which is a central subject of this project proposal.
CENFIM, and in particular the team that is part of this project, has an extensive experience in European projects, in the training activity (young and active people and in-company services), and a very close relation with the companies in the field which operates (the metalworking) not only in the operational plan but also in the formal relationships, as its board of administration is composed by representatives of companies associations. Specifically in relation to this project CENFIM had the opportunity to participate as a partner in the “UnderstandIT Project”, acquiring his own experience of implementing the CCD methodology and its Business Model Generator.

Role in the Project
CENFIM represents 13 training centres across Portugal and our strong connection with the industri pared with our knowledge in the CCD process, will make us useful throughout the whole project. Is the leader of the WP6 – Dissemination , where our network and previous project experience will be valuable.

Partner Details

Contact: José Fonseca
Email: jose.fonseca@cenfim.pt
Webpage: http://www.cenfim.pt/