ATEI has research experience in the domains of Computer Based Learning environments and ICT based Open and Distance Learning (ODL). ATEI has accumulated considerable experience in the above domains by participating in a number of National and European projects.

ATEI has developed ODL courses for international use, such as Strategic Internet Marketing and LAN management. The use of AI techniques, and intelligent agents in relation e-Learning models for Enterprises, are among the research interests of the project group members. Knowledge gained through the following projects is considered relevant to the domain of the current project proposal:

DoODL: Dissemination of Open & Distance Learning (in common with partners TISIP and HiST). The objective of DoODL was to define models for collaboration between European academic institutions in order to function as centres for each other in the field of ODL/e-learning. (Socrates/Minerva)

EuroCompetence: A University-workplace model for developing knowledge for European collaboration. (in common with UoG, TISIP & HiST). The objective of EuroCompetence was to develop and try out a flexible Open and Distance Learning model for further studies for Adult learners. This model covered the need for competence among employees in Industry and Public sector that need to collaborate with other companies and institutions in Europe. (Socrates/Minerva Project)

CIOC: Competence development in International Oriented Companies (in common with TISIP & HiST). The project contributed in the development of models for integration of organizational and competence development in knowledge based companies, having branches across Europe and aiming to train their employees through Open and Distance Learning. (Funded by The Norwegian Government)

MENU: Model for a European Networked University for e-learning (in common UoG, TISIP & HiST). The MENU project has created a model for a European Networked (Virtual) University, providing a variety of e-learning opportunities. The model included an organisational structure, a quality assurance system, examples of joint courses and study programmes across institutional borders. (e-Learning Initiative Project)

WELFOOD: Promoting quality assurance in animal WELfare – environment – FOOD quality interaction studies through upgraded eLearning. ATEI acted as subcontractor to the Greek National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) on the domain of ICT/e-Learning. (LdV Community Vocational Training Action Project)

WELANIMAL: A new approach on different aspects of welfare, environment and food interactions in Central and Southeastern Europe with the use of ICT. The aim of the project was to use e-learning and ICT methods to achieve fast and sufficient training for target groups and end users. ATEI acted as subcontractor to NAGREF on the domain of ICT/e-Learning. (LdV Community Vocational Training Action Project)

Role in the Project
ATEI coordinates WP4-Small scale pilot.
Combining e-learning methodologies with pedagogy and applying e-learning and collaborative networked learning techniques to several domains has been the focus of the ATEI group during the last 15 years. In this respect ATEI looks forward in working together with the other partners of the project consortium towards the development of a sound CCD methodology applied to informal/social learning. For this reason ATEI participates in several work packages, applying expertise in devising business dissemination and exploitation plans (Dept. of Marketing). Also help XLAB and implementing the mobile application described, applying knowledge on e-learning methodologies, mobile networking and programming (Dept. of Information Technology).

Partner Details

Contact: Demosthenes Stamatis