There are about 750 employees at HiST. The University College provides the region with research-based knowledge to meet the regional demands. Both the education and the research are closely connected to regional industry and public services.

The University College is located in Trondheim, Mid Norway. The town is known as “The town of the students” in Norway, and is urban but still a small and cozy town.
The project will involve activities mainly from the Faculty of Informatics and eLearning, AITeL, but will also draw upon the competence of the Faculty of Nursing.
With the research foundation TISIP, AITeL have taken part in more than 10 EU projects. Have worked on issues like Virtual universities, Quality assurance, Digital testing, Teacher training for VET teachers and Business models. Are pioneers in net based continuing professional education in Norway, with the first enrolments in 1986 and now with more than 70 net based courses with ECTS. At AITeL advanced Concurrent Design laboratory is available. Using this laboratory to build e-learning solutions together with industry, the CCeD model. Building blocks are: Knowledge in the field, Instructional design, Modern ICT technologies and Business models that are sustainable. At AITeL have developed two CCD / CCeD courses, one at Bachelor level with 6 ECTS and one at Master level with 7.5 ECTS. The CCeD model will be an important tool for the project and the staff will therefore take the responsibility of organizing and running the work package Training in CCD.

Role in the project

The CCD / CCeD model will be used both in WP2-Adaptation and design of the two Pilots and in WP4-Small scale pilot and WP5-Large scale open pilot, running the Pilots. The involvement from AITeL and TISIP are necessary to run the CCD model as:

  1. Facilitator: Knut Arne Strand, AITeL
  2. Session secretary: Monica Storvik (from TISIP)
  3. Subject Matter Expert: Bjørn Klefstad, AITeL
  4. Instructional Designer: Geir Maribu, AITeL
  5. Expert in technical delivery: Tor Atle Hjeltnes (from TISIP)
  6. Business model expert: Thorleif Hjeltnes (from TISIP)

HiST is a large institution. HiST have taken part in several EU projects, both in the Leonardo and Erasmus Programme (IP’s, etc). In Faculty of Informatics and eLearning have coordinated two EU projects, i.e. the ODL project Do ODL and the Leonardo TOI project Understand IT. It have therefore both the experience and the capacity to act as a Partner in the project. The plan is to collaborate closely with TISIP regarding financial management. Magnhild Tangvik, at TISIP, will take care of the Accounting and economical reporting on behalf of both AITeL and TISIP (work part time in both organizations).

Partner Details

Contact: Thorleif Hjeltnes
Email: per.borgesen@hist.no
Webpage: http://hist.no/aitel