By | February 25, 2014

The Quality board consists in external representatives of industry, HE and students that will advise the project, and add input on critical issues such as the key entrepreneurial skills to address and feedback on the pilots test – which will involve learners recruited by partners and be adapted in the light of feedback and offered as an open course, Europe-wide.

It’s member’s role basically involves commenting on the following:

  • Have the project chosen the best key entrepreneurial skills for the online course?
  • Will the course work equally well across all regions of Europe?
  • Have the project chosen an effective pedagogical approach eg Would the students benefit from it? Is it relevant to business? Do Universities (quality of mobility and transfer) benefit from it?
  • Have the project found a good way to instruct learners in the use of CCD for business planning?
  • Is it promoting business-student collaborations in the most effective way?

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