2nd Project Meeting – Ljubljana – 14-15 May

By | March 11, 2014


Since October 2013, in the FLITE Project, we’ve been working on a design document, using the rapid development process of ConCurrent Design (CCD) to design an online course aimed at those in the IT industry or studying IT at HE level.
This document can now be used by the course materials team to prepare the course.

Participants on the course will learn more about:
• their own skills and capacities through working with Business Model You
• how to use the rapid development collaboration process of ConCurrent Design
• issues to determine in a business plan through the use of the Business Model Canvas

During this second meeting in Ljubljana,Slovenia, organized by our partner XLab, we’ve been mostly discussing themes like:
• How can we teach and promote self-directed learning?
• How will we facilitate the formation of the international teams (especially in a large-scale pilot)?
• How detailed do the business plans need to be?
• Are business plans even the most appropriate end product?
• How will we resolve IP issues? Perhaps teams will work on their second best idea rather than their best idea?
• Could a storytelling framework help to bring the disparate parts of the course together?

At this meeting we also count with the presence of our volunteers Quality Board, whose contribution was very important to the discussion, since they brought an outside view to the project.

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